This series was created for The National Science Foundation in cooperation with NASCAR, in order to teach the science of speed through actual races, animation and interviews with drivers, crew chiefs and others involved in – racing. In THE SCIENCE OF SPEED, hosted by University of Texas physics professor Diandra Leslie-Pelecky (author of The Physics of NASCAR: How to Make Steel + Gas + Rubber = Speed), viewers gain insight into the rarely seen side of NASCAR. Shot at racetracks throughout the country, these fast cars double as science experiments that illustrate concepts of friction, grip, drag and drafting, load transfer, and other elements of racing at speeds up to 200 hours per hour. Now students and sports enthusiasts can add to their knowledge of the racers and stats, by understanding the intricacies of what actually goes on before and during a race and how those actions influence the results at the finish line. Several NASCAR racing champions including Brian Vickers, Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon are featured. Others discussing aspects of speed are notable crew chiefs, engineers and owners from leading NASCAR teams. Produced by Lennlee Keep & Ylonda Viola, Narrated by Tim Aydelott and shot by Jim Hoppin.