As a result of global warming, acres upon acres of the earth’s ranch and crop lands are slowly ‘desertifying’. Our planet’s grasslands on which our ecosystems rely for balance, can no longer support our food needs, replenish our water, or support wildlife. Highlighting effective solutions to at least one part of global warming, HEALING THE EARTH travels sites around the world where the use of integrated “holistic” approaches to land management has resulted in the dramatic revitalization of the previously dying land. Beautifully shot to capture the sweeping landscapes of desert grasslands, ranches, and valleys, this inspirational story includes interviews with leading scientists and scholars, as well as success stories from farmers and ranchers in Zimbabwe, Australia, Mexico and the U.S.. They illustrate how the successful carbon sequestration in top soil and other approaches will not only curb the gases that cause global warming, but increase biodiversity, lessen the use of fertilizers and pesticides and create effective rainfall within just a couple of years.

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