Narrated by Academy Award winner Glenn Close, CODY: THE FIRST STEP is the amazing story of Cody Unser, who became “permanently” paralyzed from the chest down at age 12 from the sudden onset of Transverse Myelitis, a neurological disorder. Cody is the daughter and granddaughter of famous Indianapolis 500 auto racing champions Al Unser Junior and Al Unser Senior. Today as a beautiful 22-year-old college student, this descendant of racing royalty shares her daily emotional and physical struggles of life in a wheelchair, along with her fierce and unending determination to walk. Working with the world’s leading regenerative doctors, the same ones who treated actor Christopher Reeve, Cody chronicles the cutting edge treatments and the years of physical work outs that have resulted in movement in her hips, the beginning of feeling in her legs and the start of recovery from paralysis. From the glamour runway of an Indy 500 fashion show, to falling in her own shower, this documentary evokes cheers as well as tears, and will dramatically affect how people understand paralysis and the research that will change the future.