Get up off the couch and explore the world around you!  The new American Public Television-distributed program TREASURE TRACKERS introduces viewers to the popular outdoor treasure-hunting game known as geocaching.  Premiering on public television stations nationwide beginning June 1, 2011, TREASURE TRACKERS combines puzzle solving and physical activity with GPS technology for exciting, scenic, adventure-filled hunts.


Host Tyler MacNiven (Tylerasaurus Rex) celebrates a geocache find with Bill Lopez (MondoU2) in Colorado.

Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon, a treasure hunt with an exploding social network that connects people from all over the world.  There are currently 3.6 million people who actively participate in geocaching, and the numbers keep growing. Geocachers are explorers from all age and ethnic demographics and come from every walk of life.  They love to explore nature, learn about science, search for solutions, and apply their knowledge to find the hidden treasure or “cache” at the end of the hunt.

Hosted by Season 9 Amazing Race winner and adventurer Tyler MacNiven, TREASURE TRACKERS teaches viewers the rules of the game and provides tips on how to find caches, create a cache, and use the GPS devices to play the game well.  The program also explains how to help develop an important new social network associated with geocaching – a network where you can log your find, share your experience with the geocaching community, and interact with others throughout the world.

The program showcases some of the best caches in the West and the fascinating characters who participate in the game.  From the “This Little Piggy Went to Market Cache,” a cute cache hidden in a toy pig, to the “Jimi Hendrix Memorial Cache,” viewers get a glimpse of the breadth and variety of the treasures waiting to be found.  Some offer history lessons, others are puzzles, and still others are special places, stories, tributes or memories geocachers want to share. MacNiven even creates his own special cache, “Grandma’s Ring,” in hopes a piece of his grandmother’s jewelry will make it to Paris so she can explore the world virtually.

Geocaching is more than just a simple game – it is a social game that impacts people’s lives in positive ways. Participants reveal inspirational stories of how geocaching helped inspire romance, friendship, weight loss and more.


Sarah (geocacher LifeIsGoodGirls), helps Tyler out on a challenging puzzle cache.