Santa Fe Productions is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

IN MEMORIAM -Tony Tiano  August 13, 2012 – The founder and creator of Santa Fe Productions was Tony Tiano.  He  spent over 30 years in television and radio serving as Station Manager, General Manager and President of various public television stations with fifteen years as President and CEO of KQED in San Francisco, CA. He  founded Santa Fe Productions in 1993 and served as executive producer or producer of over 500 programs for public and commercial television. He was a mentor, a friend, a leader, a titan and our hero .  It was all of our amazing luck to have worked closely  with him for over 18 years.    It is our honor to carry on his legacy and his commitment to television that educates and inspires audiences.  He is and will always be sorely missed by all of us.

CEO: Kathleen Tiano
Prior to joining Santa Fe Productions as its CEO, Kat Tiano was a Vice President-General Manager at Hewlett-Packard based in San Francisco, CA where she spent many years in the Financial and Higher Education sectors. In addition to running large organizations within HP, Kat also taught  classes world-wide on a myriad of subjects including strategic planning, organizational and financial analysis, Business Process Reengineering, and transforming Higher Education for the 21st century. Prior to joining HP (and its acquired companies), Kat worked at AT&T in various managerial positions and in all parts of the Country. It was while she was working at AT&T that Kat completed her education at the University of New Mexico, Marquette University, and the University of Wisconsin majoring in Psychology. Before committing to a business career, Kat was a therapist in mental hospitals and prisons. She was one of the first to adapt a particular behavioral science to business (Transactional Analysis), and contributed to a book on the subject edited by Dorothy Jongeward – Everybody Wins: Transactional Analysis applied to Organizations.

Executive Producer/Director of Development: Lennlee Keep
Lennlee Keep has been writing and producing for Santa Fe Productions for 17 years.   She is well versed in production and  in many different aspects of science and medicine, concentrating in these last 5 years on neuroscience, plasticity and the brain.    Lennlee’s warm and approachable (off camera) interview style gets the best out of professionals and lay- persons alike. She is passionate about telling stories, and seeks out ideas and inspiration, wherever they may be found.  From brainstorm to concept, interpretation to emotional conclusion, Lennlee brings dedication and skill and heart to her work with the team. Lennlee lives in Austin, Texas  with her husband and son.  Always interested in exploring the world, sharing stories, good book recommendations and frequent flier miles please feel free to contact Lennlee at

Consultant: Eli Brown
In the 11 years that Eli has been with Santa Fe Productions he has directed multi-camera shoots as well as our highly successful documentary series Brain Fitness. He is an expert in field production and post production and is available to consult on any matter of independent workflows. Eli does everything from shooting to graphics to final cut. He even writes music! He has directed and edited over 40 programs for PBS and other commercial stations. Eli hails from a medical family and brings with him a long-standing interest in the topic of healthy aging. Eli is based in Brooklyn, New York. Please feel free to contact him at

Director/Editor/Camera: Jim Hoppin
A “swiss-army knife” on the set and in the edit room, Jim has handled everything from camera to lighting to production design and audio in his 4+ years with Santa Fe Productions. This past summer Jim directed and co-edited “Skin Type Solutions with Dr. Leslie Baumann” for public television. He’s recently directed and shot projects for the National Science Foundation, ESPRIT and EA Sports as well as work benefitting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. A big fan of travel, Jim has worked on projects on every continent except Antarctica. Jim is based in Brooklyn, New York. Please feel free to contact him at

Producer/Camera: Ylonda Viola
Ylonda now lives in the high desert of New Mexico after leaving the wilds of a successful film career in San Francisco. She has served as Director of Photography & Producer on our Emmy Nominated ‘Landscapes of Enchantment’ documentary, Producer for our 11 part, 5 year global geology series with ExxonMobil: Famous Outcrops of the World, Producer/Shooter/Co-Grant Writer forValles Caldera; The Science, Co-Shooter on Treasure Trackers and Producer for NASCAR: The Science of Speed. She provides a well rounded skill set as DP, Camera Operator, Producer, Associate Producer, Grip, Sound, Photographer and eagle eye on many other Santa Fe Productions projects. Her strong organizational, administrative and management skills support an efficient production while maximizing resources. Ylonda brings a unique and grounded producing style, a love of nature and of shooting in extreme outdoor environments as well as a critical eye for getting just the shots we needed to communicate the message.  Her belief in the power of media for positive change drives her passion and focus on giving back, while doing what she loves.

Please contact Chris Tiano at 505-899-9655 with any general questions regarding the company or for requests concerning product fulfillment.